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May Edition: Clutter to Cash


It is finally time to get serious about having your sale and using that money toward something you really need, or just something you want. We have walked you through setting up. Here is what you need to finish up:

• Find out the deadline for family sale ads in your local Pennysaver/My Shopper, and make certain you have your ad in on time. (You can visit an office, phone in an ad, or even place it online!)
o You will not be successful if you don’t have customers to buy all those things you have gotten ready for your sale!
• Your ad should provide directions if you don’t live in a high traffic area. Not everyone knows the local names for roads and landmarks, so always give an actual address – then people can use their GPS or the Internet to find you, if necessary.
• Your ad should list the types of items you have for sale. Separately list those things you think will draw the most people. During “the season” many people won’t get to all the sales – yours needs to stand out. Be creative!

Use the free signs you get with every sale ad placed in person. Put these in front of your house. If your location if off the beaten path, use other signs to help get people to your house.
• Include the date and times on the sign. No one wants to drive for miles and find out the sale was last week!
• Also, keep in mind, no one can read ½” letters written in pencil on brown cardboard while travelling at 55 mph! Use black ink on white, yellow or neon paper for readability. Make letters about 3” high.
• Post your sign on someone else’s property with permission only.
• Plan for wind and rain – make your sign sturdy enough to withstand both.

Check out
You need a sturdy table with some room to check people out. Have the following handy:
• A lot of change – bills and coins. Many people get paid on Friday and head out to sales on Saturday morning and want to pay with a $20.
• Bags – you want people to buy at your sale, and they want to easily get their things into their vehicle.
• Newspaper – to wrap those breakable treasures
• Paper and pen – to write notes if you are a one family sale, or to keep track of who gets what money if you are a multiple family sale.

Think about
• Are you going to allow anyone to write a check?
• Are you going to bicker on prices?
• What are you going to the say to the people who try to come to your sale the day before, or two hours before your sale starts?

Questions for us? Let us know by posting your question to our blog. Like us on Facebook to see our other Clutter to Cash hints.

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